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I often get told by clients that I've brought a huge positive inspiration to their life (yes, really!). I'm a natural curious kitten, confident in all my endeavours, with a hugely positive outlook on life (the best way to be, right?) 

I love life, and I love love. A hopeless romantic, most likely due to my love of poetry, philosophy and from deep studying of the romantic and impressionist eras. 

I grew up as a country bumpkin so to speak, so nature and the outdoors always have a strong place in my heart. Despite my upbringing, I knew that I was destined for greatness (cheesy but true!). I wanted big things for myself, so I dreamt of living in the big city and building a fruitful, enriched life for myself (which I did!). 

My lifelong passion for the arts led me into coincidentally studying art history at a prestigious university. My intelligent nature and thirst for knowledge are abundant in all areas of my life. For instance, I love meeting new people, particularly from different cultures. I love learning, sharing stories, and laughing the night away over the finest wine as time flies by.  

My hobbies are infinite. Primarily I love music; I always have done it since before I could walk quite literally! I am a trained pianist, to say the least. I feel most alive at the opera, jazz bars as well as museums. I also adore health, investing (perhaps you could teach me a thing or two?), yoga, fitness, good company, laughter, fine wine and food. Also interested in learning to play golf and tennis - perfect date idea in my opinion. Perhaps I can learn more about you during our time together? 

Finally, I adore travelling, shamelessly solo, with friends or as your drama-free partner. My favourite destinations are always in Europe: fine wine, good food, hot weather and a relaxed cultured atmosphere - the best! I'm keen to visit more places and tick them off my bucket list; though, perhaps we can do this together? I'm passport and bikini ready - hint hint. 


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